Why I love my Bean Pot

The past 2 days I’ve posted Bean Pot recipes, today I’m going to let you know WHY I LOVE my bean pot.

Celebrations Bean Pot

-The biggest reason is because of the fact it is fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher AND oven safe! Why would you want it to be freezer safe? Pop it in the freezer over night throw your pasta salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, whatever cold food you got in it for your party the next day and it will stay cold for up to 3 hours! I have done this & it works wonderfully! Same goes for heating it up in the oven then putting your food in it to keep it warm.

-The accessories available! There is a heat-resistant basket available that is perfect for serving up hot dishes.

Oval Bean Pot Basket

There is also an ADORABLE Bean Pot carrier, available in 2 colors AND can be monogrammed! This tote has some serious insulation in it, keeps your bean pot HOT for quite a while, perfect for taking to pot lucks or family gatherings!

ZaZa Zebra Bean Pot Tote

-One Pot Meals! I love easy meals, anything you can cook in your crock-pot can be cooked in your bean pot!

-Variety! The Celebrating Home Bean Pots currently come in 10 colors! There is a style for anyone!

I will be posting LOTS more bean pot recipes! If you would like to see the other styles available & all the other wonderful products Celebrating Home has to offer please visit my Celebrating Home site at hillarybarwick.mycelebratinghome.com

Have a GREAT weekend!


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