Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Who has time to make breakfast every morning? Not me…these breakfast burritos are wonderful to keep on hand & easy to put together.


-16 burrito style tortillas

-5 cups country style frozen hash browns

-2 dozen eggs

-package of turkey bacon

-cheddar cheese

-wax paper & gallon size freezer storage bags

I always start by cooking my hash browns because they always take the longest to cook. There are lots of ways to cook hash browns, I prefer to use my cast-iron skillet. Spray your skillet with pam & preheat your oven to 375. Pour your hash browns in the skillet & pop it in the oven. Maybe like 20 minutes? I don’t usually set a time, I just prepare everything else then hope the hash browns are done & not burnt when I am ready for them 🙂

Next up is your turkey bacon. This time I used my electric skillet to cook the bacon, I LOVED this method since I could cook almost the whole package at once. I’ve also lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and cooked it in the oven. Either way works fine.

Eggs are next, crack all 24 of those puppies (just a metaphor) season with some salt & pepper and scramble them up! **This time I did throw some frozen peppers & onions on the skillet, sautéed while I cracked my eggs then poured the eggs in to cook, just for some more flavor. These taste perfectly fine without this extra step though.

Once the eggs are done & the bacon cooked I crumble up my bacon & put directly into my pan with the eggs, same goes for the hash browns. Everything goes into 1 pan to make assembly EASY; I put the cheese on separate though for some reason? haha I’m sure you could mix that in as well though for an even easier assembly! Here’s what my assembly line looked like:


Scoop a little less than 2/3 cup of the fillings into each burrito, sprinkle some cheese, roll em up & wrap in wax paper! EASY EASY EASY. Put them all in your gallon size freezer safe ziploc (Target brand) bags & you are ready to go!


I got 16 burritos from this, could have been a little less generous with the filling and got maybe 18-20. 16 is perfect though because the burritos come in packs of 8. Another thing I love about these is they are CHEAP! About $0.70 a piece.

Cost Break Down:

We have an egg source so those are free for us, burritos are $5 for 2 packages at SAMS, hashbrowns are $5 for a 6lb bag at SAMS (no way do you need 6lb for these so let’s say $2.50 for this project), cheddar cheese used is less than half a package so we’ll say $1 for cheese, buy bacon on sale & it’s about $2.50 a package. So for me this cost about $11 to make so $0.69 a serving. Even if you have to buy eggs, Kroger puts them on sale for $1/dozen every once in a while so that would still just be $13 total with $0.81 per serving! PLUS you know exactly what is going into these & what you are filling your families bellies with. 🙂


Wax paper is microwave safe so take them right out of the freezer & into the microwave for about a minute, since there is such a wide range of microwaves, you may need a little more or a little less time.




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